Split Testing, UX/UI Design
The company I work with owns multiple public records search sites. My role is a front end designer focusing on optimizing the UI/UX of the user funnel through split testing. To run a split test, myself or someone on my team, think of an idea to try to improve the website. After we hash out the idea, I create a detailed design to hand it off to our developers. They bring the design to life and launch the split test. Next, we launch a split test, and track how that design changes affects the users experience of the funnel and if it causes more or less users convert to paid customers. If our test brings a 6% improvement in conversions, we then set that as control, and continue to try and improve the funnel to convert more customers.
In my years 5 at the company, I have contributed to over 2,000 of split tests, and had over 130 split test wins. One of the most interesting things about split testing is that the losing tests give you just as much insight as the winning tests.
Cleaned Up Design & One Page Search
Test Idea: Clean up the overall design of the pages, and change the 5 step loader into a one page slide
Hypothesis: The small design updates will create a more consistent feel, and improve the overall user experience. By moving all of the content from the slides to one page we can discover if our users prefer the need to read quickly before the loader changes the slides, or if they prefer reading the content at their own speed and clicking a button to advance down the funnel.
Result: +6.044% more users preferred the new design with all of the content on one page
Before and After (WIN)
Improve Payment Section
Test Idea: Improve the payment section design.
Hypothesis: The payment area felt confusing. The two options to select payment were two very different colors, and both were fighting for attention with their button. There isn't an obvious active state, and overall the payment section is too busy. Currently, anytime a user clicks a button in the funnel, it is green, so bringing green in to the active state could help more users convert.
Result: +1.326% more users preferred the new design with the green active state, but that is not enough to set a new control, so we needed to try another variation.
Hypothesis #2: Although every button users are clicking on in the funnel is green, anytime we add blue to the design, the users tend to favor that design. So for this variation we try the same design style, but with a blue active state.
Result #2: +7.261% more users preferred the new design of the blue active state, and we set a new control.
Test 1 and Test 2 (WIN)
Complete Redesign
Test Idea: Completely Redesign the Upsell Page
Hypothesis: The original design had been set as control for quite a while and it was time for a refresh. From previous tests, we know the users love the color blue. So for this test, we did a complete redesign including a lot of blue. The biggest change on desktop is the included perks in a more easy to read list
Result: +7.211% more users preferred the new design and added a PDF Upsell to their account.
Before and After (WIN)
Modern Mobile
Test Idea: Create a more Modern Mobile Experience
Hypothesis: Our Report Review section has multiple slides (few shown below). It takes a few minutes to work through, so it is a section where you want to keep the user’s attention. I noticed that the majority of websites have a very clean and simple design so users can focus on the content, so I wanted to try that. By simplifying the design and bringing the title into the page, the users would be able to focus better on the content, and become more well educated by check out.
Result: +7.015% more users preferred the new cleaner design .
Before and After (WIN)
Complete Redesign
Test Idea: New Design on User Results
Hypothesis: When users come to the site, we quickly want them to find the person they are searching for from the list of results. On Desktop, the old design was really busy at the top and all of the content pushed the results down on the page. By changing the search subject information, cleaning up the design, and shifting the results up, more users should be able to find their results quickly and continue down the funnel.
Result: +7.512% more users preferred the simplified design and the results higher up on the page.

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