Branding, Print Design, Illustration
Professional Photographer, Director and Creative Director. After studying at a world renowned institute he took his degree and talent to the streets. Damien has been chosen to shoot world champions, CEOs, normal folk, veterans, celebrities, and everything in between. 

Damien is known for his bright pink sunglasses, and he decided to fully represent that and include it in his branding. Damien thinks big picture and knew that he would need multiple variations of his logo. Something simple with his name, but also logos for the future. Someday Damien wants to set up classes and workshops. So I created a logo, secondary logo and icon that solved for all of that. Along with branding for his classes and workshops, Damien knew he would create a hand out showing an photograph he shot and include the lighting equipment he used to create that shot. So we created illustrations of all of the Interfit photography equipment he owned so that when he is ready, he had all of the assets he would need.

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